Wednesday, March 31, 2010

for the light to be

Everywhere there are lost poems
heart songs

millions in the cemetery of dreams
singing dreams

one by one
they find me
the invisible
singing for light
they guide me
with flags and flowers
the matter kingdom
and unknown destinations
waiting to take me
floating enigmas

all seeds
now giving shade
all is possible

Thought for the Day

The clouds above us come together and disperse;
The breeze in the courtyard departs and returns.
Life is like that, so why not relax?
Who can keep us from celebrating?

- Lu-Yu

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And I Knew for Certain He Did

She said, boots made of lead.
He said, wings.
She wept.
He smiled.

The other day he said, trust in the sky
not go ahead fly as she’d imagined.
Grace, said he.
She thought it was space –
was it because all is revealed
when the sun spoons generous warmth into
where the lover is not?

Why is everything topsy-turvy?

You say something and
Another meaning emerges, unfolding, unspooling, revealing.
The banter of words, twilight language, you know.

She:Where do we go from here?
He: I’m forever the heart of your flower.
She: It’s all lessons in opening?
He: It’s all the very substance of sky?
She: Bless this tangle of paths.
He: All a gift I call flying.

Thought for the Day

"We need to see all this movement in ourselves, all these energies at work. We need to be in relationship with all this magical chemistry that is taking place. Now, ask yourself, “Who am I?” It’s the eternal question, the Zen koan of all Zen koans. The ego will immediately try to fortify itself but if we answer that question truthfully, all the freedom in the world is in not knowing.

How can I be available to that question? I think that anything I have understood in my practice has had emotional involvement; it’s been learned through the heart as well as the head. It is the clear distinction Jung made when he said that “the utterances of the heart- unlike those of the discriminating intellect- always relate to the whole.”


Monday, March 29, 2010

Karmic Intimacy

"The seed that is to grow must lose itself as seed; And they that creep may graduate through chrysalis to wings. Will you then, O mortal, cling to husks which falsely seem to you the self?"

Wu Ming Fu

Let me see what is in the secret God
Of your heart, and signs to live by.

Is there a refuge for lovers
Or a song for singing joyously
Of gifts and self-realized enlightenment?
Knowing you, there must be vivid yellow warblers,
Placid ponds of orange and blue lilies,
Limitless harmonies adrift in shape-shifting clouds
And vast meadows of wild revelations.

And now to grow the wings,
To go with dazzling words roasted in the fires of desire.

The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body,
But it’s our hearts we cross, hope (not) to die.

Song of the Day

within the body there is played music unending, though, without instrument, this music of the word,pervaves the whole of creation,who listens to it is free from all illusion

Thought for the Day

"I often dream about falling. Such dreams are commonplace to the ambitious or those who climb mountains. Lately I dreamed I was clutching at the face of a rock, but it would not hold. Gravel gave way, I grasped for a shrub, but it pulled loose, and in cold terror I fell into the abyss. Suddenly I realized that my fall was relative; there was no bottom and no end. A feeling of pleasure overcame me. I realized that what I embody, the principle of life, cannot be destroyed. It is written into the cosmic code, the order of the universe. As I continued to fall in the dark void, embraced by the vault of the heavens, I sang to the beauty of the stars and made peace with the darkness."
- Heinz Pagels

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What We Can't Contain Contains Us

Slowly a wing may open
and come bending
out of the zone of spontaneous dreams

and then a whole
song of wings
as if a mystical writer had stored them

at the end of time
anonymous myths and colors too beautiful:
strangely spiritual

they will perpetually circle
to light within you
a trust in the sky

Thought for the Day

My prayer is to die underneath the
Blossoming cherry,
In that spring month of flowers,
When the moon is full.

— Saigyo

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the time in between

I am waiting
in the very heart
of the word
at the door of the unfathomable
and I am waiting
behind your back to come to you again
until then how shall I breathe
and I am waiting
through eyes and lips
for the dazzling day we’ll be stars
and I am waiting for you
to take all my blood
and I am waiting
to chant psalms of rapture with you
and I am perpetually waiting
for us
to be raised on wings
and twilight
and I am waiting
forever and forever
in a thousand rooms of love

Thought for the Day

"When people are truly in love, they experience more than just a mutual need of each other's company and consolation. In their relations with each other they become different people: they are more than their everyday selves, more alive, more understanding, more enduring... They are made ever into new beings. They are transformed by the power of their love."
Thomas Merton, Hermit, Monk

Friday, March 26, 2010

golden brocade

I was walking dreaming of you, the sky that opens me
until I remembered I had to work too.
Now in the kingdom of love I have forgotten everything.
Illusions, shields, fears.
Only earth
and my open sky.

Is there not a way life loves us more
to live to the end in love ascending?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the feast

I can taste your love
Wonder becomes a dance of mountains and clouds
The tangle of your hair an unknown-Time

The depths of your eyes enough to fly
A light softer than any to come
Return from a long journey

How you taught me a silent language of tongues
Unmasking the world by reaching and leaning
Our improvised joy of jasmine, of mint and the wind

In the light of I wanting you all alone with me in the morning sky
In the shadow of you wanting to gather our light in the dark
I can taste your love
So I say it again and again
I can taste your love
I can taste your love

John Cage

Thought for the Day

Definition of a Poet, Jack Kerouac

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Lady of Clouds

I see you
On the other side of clouds gracefully open,
Planting your words in the sun.

I see you imagining the world as every moment
Lending me your song
When my language is stilted
You turn my door wide open
Wildly unweighted, completed
With an intensity that threatens
To melt me golden and gateless.

I want to be the heart of your flower.
I want you like a gust of wind.
I want you beneath the pines.

I want you to tremble
At our state of being,
That something might open
Which was never closed.

I want your heart opening in the sky.

I want the outside displaced
The space between us erased.

Thought for the Day

The dead are always looking down on us, they say.
while we are putting on our shoes or making a sandwich,
they are looking down through the glass bottom boats of heaven
as they row themselves slowly through eternity.

They watch the tops of our heads moving below on earth,
and when we lie down in a field or on a couch,
drugged perhaps by the hum of a long afternoon,
they think we are looking back at them,
which makes them lift their oars and fall silent
and wait, like parents, for us to close our eyes.

- Billy Collins
moving poems

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it is written

Roberto Kusterle

this habit of dreaming of the upper atmosphere
this hidden riddle of love
it tugs you with new strength

today you looked in the mirror
shivered and chilled
with thoughts you did not want to think

you send spells from the goddess’s edge
& a map of the labyrinth back to you
your love, clouds of milk, loving so

you dream with a musical grace
the essence of our last breathless embrace
as we climb words through our own Milky Way

the distance may sting you
the nights become desperate
cast shadows of grief to be shared

but our dream-stitched prayers, glowing pinwheels and flames
bloom through the tears in a valley of the sky’s dancing stars

Thought for the Day

"I have never met a person whose greatest need was anything other than real, unconditional love. You can find it in a simple act of kindness toward someone who needs help. There is no mistaking love. You feel it in your heart. It is the common fiber of life, the flame that heals our soul, energizes our spirit and supplies passion to our lives. It is our connection to God and to each other."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Monday, March 22, 2010

flying dreams

Roberto Kusterle

We are heaven enough taking off together
broad flying flowers inside a rainbow
love’s lift force, lifebirds of gold, of more not less

belonging to each other like air flow to the wing
Can winged things stand still?
Is love gravity controlled?

We soar into a deepening blue, through cirrocumulus all day
transforming as we fly and fall
in power arcs, ecstatic surges, lighting flashes

no time for anything but volplaning
on the heated air and the thousand ways to love

Song of the Day

Thought for the Day

“Regard this fleeting world like this:
Like stars fading and vanishing at dawn,
like bubbles on a fast-moving stream,
like morning dewdrops evaporating on blades of grass,
like a candle flickering in a strong wind…
echoes, mirages, and phantoms, hallucinations,
and like a dream.”

— from the Prajna Paramita Sutras

Sunday, March 21, 2010

air of vision

Sometime we’ll meet in the music that grows within us, the music that is more than music. With wind and branches of trees as silent witnesses, we will leave everything behind except the stars. I love this part. We will have grown wings by then. Love’s firesparks will be our prayer. Together we’ll walk the golden staircase to the everlasting blue sky. Past, present and future will be forgiven, like knowing when knowing is forgetting. Reach out with your hand, slowly, please. Let’s walk to the dream place without stopping, without ever stopping.

Merton on Poetry

"The poet assembles words in such a way that they exercise a mysterious and vital reactivity among themselves, and so release their secret content of associations to produce in the reader an experience that enriches the depth of his spirit...A good poem induces an experience that could not be produced by any other combination of words."

Thought for the Day

He whose Gates are open'd in those Regions of the Body
Can from those Gates view all these wondrous Imaginations.

William Blake

To strive, to seek, to find and
not to yield

Saturday, March 20, 2010

in every word you read

I sent you some purple rose dreams
Ones that are rare
When they reach you
Let’s take them with us up to treeline

The distance between us
Cannot quench the bonfire
There are signs, echoes, sky caresses
And you are every moment of the day

If you still believe in words as I do
You breathe light into the ones I write
Together we weave joy and movement
We know we are children of paradise

What do we find beyond words:
Drops of blood? Snowflake kisses?
So many keyholes to the infinite
So much new light to open the eyes

What else is there to cling on to?
Traceable mysteries of the heart?
Here I am in every word with you
Gloria in excelsis

The gate open beyond the limit of pain
Love shows up luminous,consecrated
And the inside that surrenders us
Without regret or hestitation

Thought for the Day

It is early morning, and death has forgotten us for
a while. Darkness owns the house, but I am alive.
I am ready to praise all the great musicians.
Whatever happens to me will also happen to you.
Surely you must have realized this from hearing
the way the strings cry out no matter who hits them.
From the great oak trees in the yard in October,
leaves fall for hours each day. Every night
a thousand wrinkled faces look up at the stars.
Still we know that at any second the soul can stand
up and start across the desert, as when Rabia ended up
riding on a resurrected donkey toward the Meeting.
It is this reaching toward the Kaaba that keeps us glad.
It is this way of hiding inside a drop of water
that lets the hidden face become visible to everyone.
Gautama said that when the Great Ferris Wheel
stops turning, you will still be way up
there, swinging in your seat and laughing.

- Robert Bly
My Sentence Was a Thousand Years of Joy: Poems

Friday, March 19, 2010

about everything that matters

17th Century Ottoman Tent

an abiku, a Yoruba word that refers to a spirit-child who lives in the in-between of the human and the spirit world, having made a vow before birth to die soon and be reborn in an endless cycle.

The spirit-child is an unwilling adventurer into chaos and sunlight, into the dreams of the living and the dead. Things that are not ready, not willing to be born or to become, things for which adequate preparations have not been made to sustain their momentous births, things that are not resolved, things bound up with failure and with fear of being, they all keep recurring, keep coming back, and in themselves partake of the spirit-child’s condition. They keep coming and going till their time is right.

She called me the first time with her eyes
Not by the name my mother gave me
She called me something in the blue depth of life
A word
About the soul’s longing
I had not heard it before
But I knew it was me she was calling
Will you walk with me in the sage meadow?
I go
Perhaps some new meaning will be revealed
Maybe she has words that have no dark side
Or words that will conjure deeper recesses of the moment
Find the lost wanderer in me
Now I have walked with her, will walk with her and never stop
No metaphor is adequate
Grace-like tenderness
Warm-winged hands
Instead of language

Thought for the Day

"Love reminds you that nothing else matters."
— Amy Bushell

Thursday, March 18, 2010

her everywhere

Holding contradictions, the ache of separation, the voices of children
Sky, so far out of reach, so seemingly clear the choices
He named her something as a free loving promise and told no one
Every month there came a birthday, an anniversary
Every moment there was something missing
He began imagining that he saw her everywhere
Once, resting softly on his bed. He reached out his arms to fly
He felt like he was not alone in the house, she was breathing into him
Her love passed through the walls so effortlessly
She was between the beginning and the end of everything
Somewhere, very far away, there was the sound of a clock ticking
How many ways to love are there? He put the question aside for several days
No one came in the beginning; if only she could fly
It would make it so much easier
Then, the cool air, the smell of the earth, the open door, Spring
The gift, the Grace of all our history yet to happen

Song of the Day

Image and Thought for the Day

The fundamental action of a human being is walking upright.
Bendicta Ward, To Be a Pilgrim

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

into thanks

An anonymous angel inside me rides a cloud
passing over distant ridges.
When I someday leave for a new light
all this patchworking has been a prayer.

Bound to the earth, while longing for the sky
on shores and in valleys filled with glorious trees
I remained a child drowning in wonder inside the mystery
as years drifted on, winters passing, springs arriving.

Thought for the Day

"Heaven and Earth give themselves. Air, water, plants, animals, and humans give themselves to each other. It is in this giving-themselves-to-each-other that we actually live. Whether you appreciate it or not, it is true."
Kodo Sawaki

Song of the Day-Claire de Lune-Debussy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

freely through the boundless

The Meadow

Down the line until my blood is dust
I will cast my starnet in the sky for you
the distance between us

at times feels inhuman,
a vacuum of abstract measurement,
but words create you on my map

or the scar lines on my palm,
whisper truths of our green future,
the one where we dance ecstatically
until we’re swallowed by the wind.

Song of the Day-Blessed

Thought for the Day

Write it on your heart
that every day is the best day in the year.
He is rich who owns the day,
and no one owns the day
who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.
Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt, crept in.
Forget them...

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 15, 2010

all things seem possible

A daydream sky
Your body is an earth

Your tongue of honey
Your curve of pleasure
Your urgency within

Time is a sorcerer
a poem changing direction
a poem of milky lines
& time is a big wheel
for poems and dreams.

Song of the Day

Thought for the Day

"People write letters
to me from heaven, but I'm not listening.
The hermit said: "Because the world is mad,
the only way through the world is to learn
the arts and double the madness. Are you listening?"

- Robert Bly

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Image of the Day-Many Dreams...

to call it flying

To fall into the day with her, this dream
to begin days, days full and deep
whose mornings already stretch into the distance
just like this one on which I dream,
and say to the distance at my window,
I’ve finally lost myself, when she is wrapped snugly
within me, her skin
when my arms are more sure
of what they must yield to,
to hold her form in the mornings, early,
when days are born under rays of a delicate sun,
as gold reaches its goal.
I'd like to dream, dream for years,
study the mysterious waves of morning light,
and on those days that are fully ours,
not to awaken lacking a wing.

Thought for the Day

"Man is a machine, but a very peculiar machine. He is a machine which, in right circumstances, and with right treatment, can know that he is a machine, and having fully realized this, he may find the ways to cease to be a machine.

First of all, what man must know is that he is not one; he is many. He has not one permanent and unchangeable "I" or Ego. He is always different. One moment he is one, another moment he is another, the third moment he is a third, and so on, almost without end."

P.D. Ouspensky

Saturday, March 13, 2010

catch and let go again and again

O the birds are back
celebrating with music.
Our friends,
they play our song.

Zen angels
each by each
refilling our empty glasses.

Sky is a cutup,
clouds were once birds
now are clouds.

The sheltering sky
thin as paper and
words are spells

Thought for the Day

"God is seated in the hearts of all."
— Bhagavad Gita

Friday, March 12, 2010

when night comes

I weave myself towards you
and inhale and exhale the sky and the twilight
free to the wind.
It is a bright heaven.
I create in it
a world beyond the borders of thought.

Thought for the Day

"Just where we might have feared that the inexpressibility of being human would be reduced to mere mechanics, or mere fancy, instead we find our attentions rewarded with a wealth of a spirited self-revelation, an extension rather than an abridging of the mysteries ( mysteries which lie at the very heart - or maybe synapses - of our happening at all, in time and space ). Revealed right there in graphic terms, both in the flesh and past it, are the matters that must matter most: blood's embrace, and nerve's release . . . For what's beyond us is within us: look at the fact and the art, the mark and the remarking. There you'll have it: loving's fabric, and the evidence of spirit."
- Heather McHugh

Thursday, March 11, 2010


there is a time of waiting for you and of everything surrendered to slow
time for oozing out words and for flying
time for clear days and for falling in mud
time for grass-covered paths and for stormy skies
time for solitude time for the sky unfolding
for walking restrained for falling into stars
time for the cave and for the solar big-bang
time for the spirit of fire for the poetics of becoming
time for good morning and time for soon
time for carrots peas and parsley
for eros and for the Lord
time for a mind shaking in wildness and releasing all doubt
time for a ticket to nowhere or a ticket to infinity
to a river perhaps to divine glory
there is finally a time for the luscious bed and heaving over exuberance
breathing and dreaming
time perfect and imperfect
time from the now to the now
time for love
past present future

Thought for the Day

"To see myself and my life as they truly are is joy. After all the struggle and avoiding and denying and going the other way, it is deeply satisfying for a second to be there with life as it is. The satisfaction is the very core of ourselves. Who we are is beyond words - just that open power of life, manifesting constantly in all sorts of interesting things, even in our own misery and struggles. The hassle is both horrendous and wholesome."
- Charlotte Joko Beck
lassie and timmy

Song of the Day-How sweet it is...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

leave love, leave love your last night on earth

if not now / then a life in harmony with woods and mountains / the gift of soft, open hands / safe-keeping love including your own
if not now / then pray for all of us / a sky of Om and Amen/ singing tongues wet like songbirds
if not now / then breathe holy/ get down on knees / easy answers are scarcer than gold
if not now / admit it may hurt to grow wings / untie yourself / be the architect of a joyful heart
if not now / then into blue edge of sky / float not quite out of sight / the perfect outside is inside

Song of the Day

Thought for the Day

"You may feel at times you have lost your way. Certainly others who do not understand may say this to you. Remain steadfast in your focus and know in your heart of all hearts, that you are waking up to life, just as you have chosen, just as you planned, just as you are being guided and led by your soul, your essence, your eternally valid and unique focus. Know that nothing in your experience is too much for you. It’s your experience. It is created by and for you. You have all the resources you need to manage life within your own landscape. Be not afraid Masters of the emerging universe. Be not afraid."
— Archangel Michael

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

within her landscape

I want to be this woman’s song:
breathe in her night blossoms,
walk in her yellow mountain sunflowers,
expand in her thoughts,
drink from her eyes.

I’d like to ripen in this woman’s soul:
float in her clouds,
enter her sky,
rise with her moon.
I’d like to evolve in her stars.

thought for the Day

"I am the mother-of-pearl. The world is a vein of silver, An illusion! This is the truth. Nothing to grasp, Nothing to spurn, Nothing to dissolve. I am in all beings. All beings are in me. This is the whole truth. Nothing to embrace, Nothing to relinquish, Nothing to dissolve."

— Ashtavakra Gita

Monday, March 08, 2010

sweetness in sturdy legs

In the so called real world
I speak of myself as if there is nothing to say
I dress like Johnny Cash
My transformation upside down and incomplete

But along my secret, atomic tangerine dream path
I’ m always walking towards you without resting my legs

Thought for the Day

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. When you are seeking to bring big plans to fruition, it is important with whom you regularly associate. Hang out with friends who are like-minded and who are also designing purpose-filled lives. Similarly, be that kind of a friend for your friends."

— Mark Twain, was an American humorist, satirist, lecturer and writer; most noted for his novels Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Sunday, March 07, 2010

All the Worlds are like Waves

mistake a dream
a lovely universe within us

roaring flames
F-16s above

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Thought for the Day

We have not yet made shoes that fit like sand
Nor clothes that fit like water
Nor thoughts that fit like air.
There is much to be done -
Works of nature are abstract.
They do not lean on other things for meanings.
The sea-gull is not like the sea
Nor the sun like the moon.
The sun draws water from the sea.
The clouds are not like either one -
They do not keep one form forever.
That the mountainside looks like a face is accidental.

Arthur Dove

Friday, March 05, 2010

Top Five

Photo: Ocean of Milk

My favorite day is with you
your head functioning on a much higher plane

My favorite color is golden sunset
in the middle of a crumbling empire

My favorite dream is the laughter of children
quelling excessive thinking

My favorite angel is the angel of the bright torch of love
resting on our evening bed

My favorite body has two doors:
skydoor and earthdoor:
depends on which hand
opens the love door this way or that

guiding me radomweightlessly
towards myself
urging me to follow
either the long luminous chains of desire
or the dawn of some new form of love

Thought for the Day

"You have no caste. No duties bind you. Formless and free, Beyond the reach of the senses, The witness of all things. So be happy!"
— Ashtavakra Gita

the magic circles

She loves him like a thousand breathing lungs
open to the wind;
he loves her like a building catching fire.

This is what the moon on fire had to say
Precious hearts of gold in the circle of a day

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thought for the Day

"It's very important to experience the complete negation of yourself which brings you to the other side of nothing. You go to the other side of nothing and you are held by the hand of the absolute. You see yourself as the absolute so you have no more insistence of self. You can speak of the self as no self when you sit in the absolute. Your sitting still is like a person who just shot an arrow. A moment later the result is there. What you know, the only thing you know is the sense that the arrow is moving all right. It has left your realm but you sense it is running well. The stillness in sitting is like that. You flip to the other side of nothing, where you discover everyone is waiting for you already."
- Kobun Chino

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Find the word
that quietly grows in your chest,
the word that grows replacing all other words
for your aching sorrow and wild joy.

Thought for the Day

One Hundred and Eighty Degrees
Have you considered the possibility
that everything you believe is wrong,
not merely off a bit, but totally wrong,
nothing like things as they really are?

If you've done this, you know how durably fragile
those phantoms we hold in our heads are,
those wisps of thought that people die and kill for,
betray lovers for, give up lifelong friendships for.

If you've not done this, you probably don't understand this poem,
or think it's not even a poem, but a bit of opaque nonsense,
occupying too much of your day's time,
so you probably should stop reading it here, now.

But if you've arrived at this line,
maybe, just maybe, you're open to that possibility,
the possibility of being absolutely completely wrong,
about everything that matters.

How different the world seems then:
everyone who was your enemy is your friend,
everything you hated, you now love,
and everything you love slips through your fingers like sand.
- Federico Moramarco
3 quarks daily

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

a river out there

Lift your shining blue light,
sing your love into roses
and open the gate. Dance like
you couldn’t matter less,
like you are only committed to
the sacred body of galaxies
and so:
Write the edge of the horizon where
the sun makes a bright spoon,
hollows you, your organs
like heaven’s half-hungry angels.
I'm just trying to bless each day
and night. I'm just saying
there is no answer
but loving you
and god’s invisible river.

Song of the Day

Thought for the Day

"A master of Zen archery, Kobun Chino was asked to teach a course at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. The target was set up on a beautiful grassy area on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Kobun took his bow, notched the arrow, took careful aim, and shot. The arrow sailed high over the target, went past the railing, beyond the cliff, only to plunge into the ocean far below. Kobun looked happily at the shocked students and shouted, "Bull's eye!!"
Joan Halifax

Monday, March 01, 2010

we r one

more sky. I have gone
long enough clouded over
my prayer is how
your neurons fire my body
blushing to delight
across wild mountains
but the best part is
gifting the lost shrine of desire
that used to live in me
to your soft skin
and carving your name
in my heart
with my own hand.

Thought for the Day

"Our lives are not as limited as we think they are; the world is a wonderfully weird place; consensual reality is significantly flawed; no institution can be trusted, but love does work; all things are possible; and we all could be happy and fulfilled if we only had the guts to be truly free and the wisdom to shrink our egos and quit taking ourselves so damn seriously."
Tom Robbins