Saturday, October 25, 2014

Twilight Jesus

Twilight Jesus looked around the hood for days for bananas but not a single one could be found. Bananas were one of his favorite foods. He thought of them as "nature's candy bar." Sick or well he was always excited about the thought of having a banana.

It's strange to live in a place where bananas are in short supply and the people so sad. It makes time seem to pass very slowly. 

"I swim backwards dreaming my life, half-alive and half-sober. I hear a piano playing a song of tears. Skeletons are frozen in place on the street. Time is locked inside abandoned buildings. I see the broken future through their open windows. Here in New Jersey the angels inside me are fleeing the House of Flames."

Friday, October 24, 2014

Although Times Will Change

Although Times Will Change

Without a source of wisdom
we take from 
a complete devotion 
to a paradise that 
through it we live and hardly die

and that the poetry 
of the already broken is as good as the poetry of language 

and that the poetry of the frightened bird self and for 
the frightened bird self will perish from this strange land 

and that the poetry of the shadow without (that whole fear thing) will not perish, as long as the the earth.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Bucketful of Mystery

I suffer from writing by the seat of my pants syndrome. I wake and see the dark as well as light of days. I'm a few steps ahead of the raven and my words seem like they're simmered in twilight but they read like they're Francesca Woodman.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Into the Night

There was the song and the broken syringe
then the needle in my hand, the beast within
followed by the words carved on my tomb.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Then Surely Got Better

I lean toward empty spaces--
The day's last light
When you meditate your own bones again
I eat my own death
I cut my own eyes on reality
Sitting on my chair in the darkened theater
I write flaming texts to live by 
As I trace all of our lousy grief
I know the sky will open up
And I know the river will quiet
I will drink the wind of children running
My brain the axis of a revolving hula hoop
In addition, living in the illogic of magic(what is thought to be) 
a strange science

Monday, October 20, 2014

Twilight Jesus meditated in the center of his room waiting for symbols to save him, hoping to gather everything that might start a fire. He met a guy who burned infinity in a joint. He told Twilight it was marsh hay and shredded love letters, the guy who burned infinity. In his room, Twilight closed his eyes and witnessed something like invisible suns within, fragments of past and present, east and west, connected to the body, he was a guy investigating infinity, he was a guy who drank infinity, his eyes were like open doors. Things that end belong to time, not infinity. He put love into the raven. Gathered present and past, east and west into himself. He left out the things that end. The world is disappearing but nothing ends.

Image: Composite: kn.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I followed Twilight Jesus dressed in rags, he followed a beggar in rags, we were three beggars. The beggar we thought would lead us to heaven, instead he wandered around aimlessly, finally went down some rickety stairs to a 12 step meeting room. Twilight went right up to the podium to speak.

"My heart's been sick with a deep wound. I have seen the naked sky. I have walked upon the earth. Some things are best learned moving forward through the storm, laughing at what the surface of things is saying."